Snatch the Pebble From My Hand, Grasshopper

posted on May 03 by in the Entrepreneurship, Online Video category

A Lesson In Marketing Using The Right Message To Market Match is the company behind the below videos.  They are entertaining, but they also subtly promote the company.  But why did they work?  Typically advertising would have spent 30 to 120 seconds pitching the company or a product and as is traditional would have been on TV or radio.  These shouldn’t be effective at marketing Grasshopper.

You might be asking, what the heck is Grasshopper? is a virtual phone system for small businesses.  You promote one number and can have the calls going to anyone in your business or to any one of your phones–mobile, desk, home, or voicemail.

Being a virtual system, it makes sense to market to people who are online.  But instead of just doing some banner ads or Google AdWords, they put out these viral videos, which have gotten hundreds of thousands of views.  To buy that many clicks they would have spent at least a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Their videos connect with the entrepreneurial desires felt by their market, which has helped get the videos passed along over and over.  And here I share them with you because you can emulate them and do your own viral videos to brand your business.


Go here to see a presentation by David Hauser of where he explains the marketing approach behind the “Entrepreneurs can change the world” video.